Advanced Backup

Delivering complete
peace of mind

Our Advanced Backup solution delivers complete peace of mind – no matter the scale or circumstance of the disruption to your IT infrastructure.

At LSA Systems, we’ve been providing Advanced Backup services to companies in London, Essex and the surrounding areas for many years. We understand the stress that an IT interruption or system crash can cause for business owners and users alike.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with leading backup and business continuity providers to deliver comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that ensure your business is fully prepared for any disaster – and that will deliver all the support you need following a disruptive event.


Advanced Backup

Dedicated servers

A self-contained, dedicated server backs up your entire system and can act as a temporary server if your live one fails.

Frequent backups

Your entire system is backed up as often as you wish, as low as every 15 minutes, taking an image of the server rather than backing up files individually.

Secure data centres

Fully automated daily offsite backup to our highly secure offsite data centres with data being retained based on size limits or on a time based basis of one year or infinite retention.

Assured integrity

The validity of all offsite backup synchronisations are substantiated by screenshot verification of the login screen, with optional backup integrity checking available if required.

Super-fast restore

Your server, files and folders can all be fully restored within 30 minutes, your entire system can be virtualised onsite in less than two hours and a Bare Metal Restore to another server can also be completed.

Virtualised servers

If your server and backup server are destroyed entirely, your systems can be virtualised at the data centre with access being made available from anywhere that an internet connection exists.


Advanced solutions for local, virtual and cloud environments

Datto’s state-of-the-art technology and hardware is the backbone of our comprehensive Advanced-Level Backup solution which is designed to be smart, fast and scalable – protecting your business as it grows.

Datto provides a Total Data Protection platform designed from the ground up which translates into cost efficiency, performance, scalability and extensibility. This unique architecture enables new Datto innovations with additional ground-breaking features and business-building platform expansion well into the future.

Datto Network Topology
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