Hosted Accounts/ERP

Accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can play a big part in helping businesses grow and operate more efficiently. By automating functions that would require more time and resources if done manually, and by generating more accurate, detailed financial reports, accounting applications allow business owners to streamline financial operations and manage their finances better.

Sage 200: advanced features with maximum security
At LSA Systems, we provide industry-leading accounting and ERP software with the Sage 200 suite, which boasts the most advanced ERP features available, and which can be customised to suit your business. From setting up a computerised payroll system, to accessing data and printing detailed reports, Sage 200 caters to the full spectrum of financial requirements for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Like our hosted email and hosted desktop cloud solutions, our hosted Sage 200 package is cost-effective, convenient and highly secure, with the strongest possible SSL encryption and an unlimited, remote support service.

An affordable service
When signing up for our hosted accounts/ERP service, you have the flexibility of choosing between purchasing your own licensed copy of Sage 200 software hosted on our servers, or you can opt to simply pay a monthly fee for the use of the hosted software.

Why hosted accounts/ERP?
There are three core reasons why cloud computing has become so popular among small- and medium-sized businesses: cost, convenience, and security. In addition to these reasons, our Sage 200 solution offers even more benefits.

  • Reduced upfront investment: There’s no need to buy and install new servers or hardware with hosted accounting software. You can enjoy all the benefits of the highest quality, enterprise-level applications without investing large amounts of capital. When you come to LSA Systems, all maintenance and upgrades are included in your monthly fee, making our hosted Sage 200 solution even more budget-friendly for your business.
  • Easy to use: Sage 200 software is extremely user-friendly, and doesn’t require you to be an accounting or computing expert in order to use it effectively. However, we do provide 24/7 support and training schemes so that you and your employees will learn how to use the Sage 200 suite to its fullest potential.

For more information on our reliable cloud solutions, contact us today, or visit our Sage 200 Extra page to learn more about why it’s one of the best business management suites available.