Get CE Accredited

Being Cyber Essentials certified means we have the most robust cyber security approach possible, and that we are fully safeguarded against cyber threats when providing all our services. Our Gold Standard certification shows that LSA Systems is committed to maintaining the highest global standard of cyber security, and also allows us to help other companies earn their Cyber Essentials certification through our new consultancy service: LSA Systems’ Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit.

This service will prove invaluable, as today’s businesses continue to utilise web-based technologies for almost every aspect of their operations. Already, the UK Government has included Cyber Essentials accreditation as a requirement for certain tenders, making certification crucial for any companies hoping to work with local authorities or government bodies now or in the future.

LSA Systems’ Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit

With this service, businesses of any size will receive expert guidance and consultation on every aspect of achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation, including:

  • A status review: Weak spots and areas for improvement in your systems will be identified.
  • Impact analysis: We will advise on how necessary changes to your systems may impact users, and will make preparations to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Change management and implementation: Implementation costs and a bill of materials will be provided for all required changes, so that you can better manage the process of improving your cyber security.
  • Accreditation preparation: We will provide a thorough preparation booklet containing all of the questions in the Cyber Essentials assessment, as well as a suite of pre-prepared forms for you to document all of the required policy and procedural changes implemented in your business.
  • Accreditation achievement: Our consultant will sit with you while you complete the self-assessment questionnaire, to ensure that any last-minute queries are resolved.
  • Post-accreditation review: To verify that your business has continued to implement the five key security controls, we will conduct a review of your cyber security practices three months after your accreditation.

Cost and packages

Our Baseline Audit includes all of the services listed above, at highly competitive rates.

The packages we presently offer are:

  • Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit (up to 30 device connections): £1,295.00
  • Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit (up to 100 device connections): £2,145.00
  • Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit (over 100 device connections): Price available following assessment

Quotations will be provided for the implementation of required configuration changes, the supply and installation of new equipment, and ongoing support.

When an organisation with a turnover under £20,000,000 achieves self-assessed certification covering their whole organisation to the basic level of Cyber Essentials, they are automatically awarded Cyber Liability Insurance, terms apply. Click here for further info.

With your business, employees, and customers increasingly relying on Internet-based technologies, ironclad cyber security is no longer optional—it’s essential. For more information on our Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit service, or to learn how you can improve your cyber security approach, contact us today.