Report Writing

Access to concise and accurate reports is an integral part of running a business, yet the built-in reporting facilities in off-the-shelf software are often unable to deliver the specific information you need in a timely manner. With our report writing service, you can benefit from the latest, most advanced report writing tools available, configured by our team to deliver detailed reports with all the information you need, in the format you require.

Below is an overview of the leading-edge report writing tools we use to create custom report writing packages for businesses nationwide.

  • Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
    With this server-based report writing software, we can create specific interactive reports from any application that uses a Microsoft SQL database, the standard for most accounts/ERP and bespoke systems.

    Reports can be run from any computer with a web browser, offering matchless convenience as they can be displayed across the entire range of mobile and static devices in use today. Reports can also be printed directly from the browser or exported to a wide range of formats, including Word, Excel, XML, CSV, MHTML or PDF.

  • Crystal Reports
    This user-friendly, highly visual software is the ideal option if your application does not use a Microsoft SQL database or if you have a wide range of specific information requirements. Renowned for its flexibility, Crystal Reports can pull information from almost any data source to create sophisticated interactive reports, and supports virtually any application and device. Crystal Reports is also able to incorporate various database strategies into the overall report design process, and can pull information from multiple data sources to be integrated into a single report.
  • Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration System Services (SSIS)
    As a powerful data integration tool, SSIS is an excellent complement to the SSRS software. It extracts, transforms and loads packages for data warehousing; in other words, it allows you to transfer data from different data sources and then transform or integrate that data as needed. As a simple example, we can use SSIS to create a custom package that will pull data from a file, reformat that data and then insert it into a fact table.

    SSIS also performs workflow functions, monitors your database, and can activate automated actions once certain criteria are met. For example, if stock levels fall below a fixed amount, we can configure the SSIS server to notify you via email or SMS text. Even complex actions can be automated, like triggering the processes to automatically raise a purchase order.

  • Panintelligence
    Panintelligence transforms day to day text based reports into rich graphical based displays empowering you and your staff to make proactive, timely and informed business decisions to improve performance.

    The application is web based, allowing reports to be displayed in a browser across the entire range of mobile and static devices in use today. The user is presented with their own dashboard of reports allowing them to quickly access real time data presented in a customisable and visually appealing format.

    The product is database independent and works with all major database structures on the market. It can pull information from multiple data sources to be integrated into a single display promoting collaboration right across the business.

Whether you need reliable IT solutions for report writing, enterprise resource planning or CRM applications, we will deliver exactly the solution you need.

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