Email, Anti-Malware and Ransomware

Protecting your business from threats and fraud

The perils of email that contain malware and ransomware go well beyond the mild inconvenience of spam. Threats are becoming much harder to avoid as well-financed cybercriminal gangs increase both their sophistication and reach.

To combat these menaces and protect your business from threats and fraud, we provide a comprehensive range of Endpoint and Network Security solutions and partner with leading technology providers like Watchguard, Mimecast, Webroot and Malwarebytes with a focus on the following areas;

  • Virus
  • Malware
  • Ransomware

Email is one of the most commonly used methods of attack on an organization. Spam – unsolicited emails sent in mass quantities – can cause serious problems beyond annoyance. It is commonly used as dangerous phishing attempts to maliciously obtain sensitive information, including; credit card numbers, passwords, usernames and other personal and company information. WatchGuard and Mimecast provides the advanced security your organisation needs with real-time, continuous and highly reliable protection from spam and phishing attempts.


Small to medium-size businesses and large enterprises alike continue to fall victim to advanced malware attacks that have a serious impact on business operations and continuity. WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite offers the most comprehensive security protection on the market today, combining multiple advanced security services that work in tandem to deliver powerful, layered protection. Mimecast provide focused email security solutions and email business continuity capabilities that are second to none in the industry.


Ransomware is a type of advanced malware attack that takes hold of a device, either locking the user out entirely or encrypting files so they cannot be used.  Ransomware is an increasingly common method of attack for hackers against individuals, small to medium-size businesses and enterprises. While the first incidents of ransomware were discovered as early as 2005, the last three years have seen this type of threat explode in popularity and compromise millions of computers and mobile devices around the world.

Partner spotlight

Advanced protection from email-based threats

More than 30,000 global customers trust Mimecast.


To deliver maximum protection to your business’s mailboxes, we use the Mimecast solution in addition to the firewall. By securely transmitting and receiving your private information with the SecureMail Email Encryption, this dedicated, cutting-edge email security solution blocks virtually all unwanted traffic and significantly boosts email protection and performance.

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