Professional data disaster recovery for businesses across London

At LSA systems, we provide reliable data backup and disaster recovery across London and the home counties. With anything from loss of data to theft of equipment, we have a combination of processes to bring your business back to normal working order within minutes.

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We offer invaluable support following a disruptive event

The loss of data or a major disruption to IT systems for any organisation will be nothing short of catastrophic for the business operations, costing time, money and valuable resources. At LSA Systems, we’ve been providing backup and data disaster recovery services and continuity planning to companies for many years. We understand the stress that an IT interruption or system crash can cause for business owners and users alike. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Datto to provide a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures your business is fully prepared for any disaster. We will be there to deliver all the support you need following a disruptive event of any size.

We work with Datto, the leading provider of data backup

As the leading provider of comprehensive data backup, recovery and business continuity solutions, we are proud to offer Datto data backup and disaster recovery. With its Total Data Protection Platform, your business data is protected everywhere it resides. It is safe whether on-premise, in virtualised environments, in the cloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications including, Google Apps, and more. A Datto device should be the foundation of any Business Continuity Plan. You can download more information on Datto and their products from our downloads page.

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Business continuity planning for the best response plan

Continuity planning is crucial in your IT infrastructure. Your computer systems are what you and your staff need to keep your business running smoothly, so it’s essential that there are recovery and restoration measures in place in the event of a disruptive incident. To ensure that we develop the best response plan to suit your business, we will fully assess your IT infrastructure, focusing on any vulnerabilities and security risks, as well as your business’s daily operational requirements.

Three tiers of data disaster recovery solutions to choose from

We provide three tiers of backup and disaster recovery solutions to suit your business. This gives you the flexibility of choosing the right backup package to suit your needs and budget, and we design custom solutions, including:

  • Bronze: An inexpensive, basic solution designed specifically to protect your data.
  • Silver: Our silver package is a much more comprehensive disaster recovery solution, as it backs up your entire system rather than just your data files.
  • Gold: Our fully automated Datto solution delivers complete peace of mind, no matter the scale or circumstance of the disruption to your IT infrastructure.

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