Complete on-site IT technical support for businesses across London

LSA Systems offer robust IT technical support that allows you to focus on running your business. Our fully certified team can conveniently resolve an issue over the phone, or on-site across London and the home counties.

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Your first–choice IT service provider with a range of services

As a specialised IT service provider, LSA Systems offer a range of quality IT services, including:

• New Hardware and Installation: We can purchase, install and configure your business’s entire IT infrastructure, tailored to your business’s requirements.
• SME Network Support and Outsourcing: If you need assisted support for your onsite IT staff, full network support, or a completely outsourced IT department, we can deliver it.
• High-Speed Communications: With our free business communications audit and high-speed communications service, we will ensure that your business is operating with the fastest possible communications technology so that you can optimise your productivity.

New hardware and network installation to make your business productive

In addition to our IT support services, LSA Systems supplies, configures and installs new hardware, providing a reliable IT infrastructure to help make your business as productive as possible. We will carefully assess your IT requirements based on your daily operations, so that we can supply the most suitable system for your business and your employees. We only supply hardware from the most trusted brands in the industry and always ensure you have the best possible protection from viruses, hackers, malware and other network security risks.

Giving you the most efficient high-speed communication

For small and medium-sized businesses, high-speed communications are critical in today’s global market where being offline is simply not an option. 

Not only does having a fast, reliable Internet connection always allow you to work more efficiently and productively, but it gives you the scope to take full advantage of modern communications technology, including audio and video conferencing, remote collaboration via mobile devices, and the latest cloud solutions. We provide high-speed connectivity you can count on as we understand the importance of high-speed communications to all areas of your business.

A range of packages for your IT support and outsourcing

At LSA Systems, we specialise in IT technical support as a leading IT service

Our engineers deliver IT technical support services nationwide and use the best technological tools from the global leaders in the IT industry. We have a package to suit your needs:

  • Assisted support: If you already have in-house IT support staff, but require a second line of backup support.
  • Full Support: We cover your business’s entire network, or can work according to your specifications.
  • Outsourced support: Combines the cover of our full support service with additional monitoring and planning.
  • Pre-paid support packs: Benefit from telephone, remote and on-site support from any location in the UK.

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