Amazon Order Fake E-Mail Scam – Virus/Malware Alert

Over the weekend we’ve seen a lot of very convincing e-mails coming in from scammers pretending to be from Amazon. If you click on the link in this e-mail you will be re-directed to a fake website where your details may be stolen or malware may be installed on your computer. As usual our advice is never to click a link within an e-mail you’re not expecting. If you see one of these saying you’ve ordered something you didn’t please open a web browser to log into your account manually, from here you can securely check your orders.

If you receive this e-mail delete it straight away. If you have already clicked the link then please call LSA Systems or whoever is responsible for security on your network so the PC can be scanned.

Learn how we can help reduce the number of scam e-mails for your business here.

For information directly from amazon on spoof mails please see: