HMRC ‘Fiscal Activity’ Fake E-Mail Scam

Some more fairly convincing fake e-mails have been popping up recently. An e-mail from with the subject ‘Confirmation of your last tax fiscal activity’ is trying to scam unsuspecting people out of personal information and maybe even install malware on their computers.

The e-mail, that advises people they are due a tax refund, attempts to persuade the recipient to click on an embedded link. The usual rules apply on this one: never to click a link within an e-mail you’re not expecting. If you think you really should be getting a tax refund always contact HMRC through the proper channels and never assume an e-mail is from them.

If you receive this e-mail delete it straight away. If you have already clicked the link then please call whoever is responsible for security on your network so the PC can be scanned.

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For information directly from HMRC on phishing mails please see: