How Can Your Business Benefit from Hosted Telephones?

A State of the art Telephone system without the capital costs.

The widespread use of internet has seen the rise in what is known as Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as hosted VoIP. This involves the use of the internet to make phone calls.

With hosted VoIP businesses need not worry about the high costs of installing telephone equipment. The reason for this is that the provider of the VoIP services hosts all the servers, equipment and any other services needed to make the hosted VoIP work.
The cost of making phone calls using the internet via VoIP is cheaper compared to traditional telephone systems. Businesses with clients abroad or mobile employees often incur huge phone bills whenever they make international calls.

Is it like Skype?
Skype is a personal version of hosted VoIP, it shares your internet line with your computers data traffic, this makes it subseptable to breakup. We provide a managed voice service direct to your offices over a high-speed IP connection, anywhere in the UK. You pay a monthly service fee which includes all maintenance, upgrades, and access to a dedicated 24×7 technical support team.

Key Advantages

• Managed voice service direct to your offices over a high-speed IP connection.
• No capital costs.
• Simply rent desk and mobile telephones, as your business needs them.
• Managed end-to-end IP telecommunications network
• Dedicated 24×7 technical support team.
• Mobile IP based solutions also avaliable.

What if my internet goes down?
Unlike most VoIP providers we don’t rely heavily on third party providers. If you only have ADSL we install a dedicated high speed link to replace it and we can then in conjunction with our partner manage the entire link to the internet via their own end-to-end IP telecommunications network and offer a seamless round the clock monitoring and maintainance to ensure you always enjoy the maximum uptime and the latest levels of software, without disruption or additional costs to your business.

Who do you partner with?
LSA Systems works in partnership with one of the UK’s leading hosted communications providers, Worksmart Technology to offer a complete range of Hosted IP Telephony services, from landlines and office telephones, to call management and recording, conferencing and collaboration and integrated mobile VoIP solutions.

Do I have to use my existing telephones?
Rather than buying equipment which can quickly become out of date, costs money to maintain and needs replacing periodically, you simply rent desk and mobile telephones, as your business needs them. If you need a couple of extra phones just for a month or two you only need rent them for that period.