How would your company operate without a server?

Your company’s data is its most valuable asset. How would you protect your data and keep downtime to a minimum in event of a crash?

To a large extent, it depends on the type of data lost and the delay before normal service resumes. The loss of email for a few hours might result in administrative disruption a bit of inconvenience and lost productivity. However, the loss of transactional or production data for a couple of days is more likely to have a direct impact on your operations.

The LSA Systems EBDR server is a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for Windows servers. It is an all-encompassing enterprise level solution that is affordable for small-to-midsize businesses.

What happens if my server crashes?

With its fast virtualisation capabilities, our EBDR server can be configured to function as a standby server if needed. This standby server can be operational within 30 minutes with data that was backed up as little as 15 minutes before the crash.

Here are some of the key features:
• Very frequent backups (as frequent as every 15 minutes).
• Automatic off-site data storage at a high availability data centre.
• The ability to restore a failed server in a local virtual environment virtually instantaneously!
• Virtual Restore from our data centre of all servers in event of a disaster.
• Advanced restoration options: files, folders & Exchange message/mailbox recovery.
• The ability to restore to different hardware
• Cost effective

What are the advantages over tape or disk backups?

Though tape and usb disk backup is common, it’s far from being an ideal recovery solution. Backups are done only once a day, a large backup window is needed and if the backup fails there is a good chance you will not get another one until the following day leaving you with the possibility of losing 2 days data if a key server failed. Restoring small amounts of data from tape or disk can be time consuming in locating the latest media and restoring.

How resilient is your Off-Site Storage Facility?

For additional protection in the event of a complete disaster, we can virtualise your systems remotely at our data centre allowing users to access from home, or anywhere you dictate.

Some of the features of our High Availability data centre:
• Connectivity provided by multiple providers with automatic failover capabilities
• Full physical security at each facility including security cameras and key card access
• Network is secured with high-end redundant, automatic failover firewalls
• Fire suppression and environmental control provided
• Automatic back-up power provided with on-site generators

What is the best backup solution for you?

We believe our Enhanced Backup Disaster Recovery solution gives you complete peace of mind. However as every company has different needs, we can offer you a FREE, no obligation survey of your current equipment and then recommend the most flexible, scalable and competitive solution designed specifically for your business and your budget.

The EBDR recovery processes

What’s the process if my server fails and cannot be recovered?
• We virtualise the failed server on the EBDR device, ensuring the business continues to function.
• The server is repaired, or a replacement ordered.
• The repaired/new equipment is ready to be restored
• A suitable time is confirmed.
• The server(s) is restored and the virtualised service is switched off.
• Your business is back up and running.

What’s the process if my network is destroyed?
• We virtualise all your servers in the ”cloud” at our data centre and provide remote access to all required users, ensuring the business continues to function.
• Alternative accommodation and new equipment is sourced, installed and ready to be restored.
• A replacement EBDR device is configured with your latest data and shipped to the new location.
• A suitable time is confirmed.
• The servers are restored and the cloud service is switched off.
• Your business is back up and running.

For more information on the Disaster Recovery Solutions that LSA Systems can offer please read our comprehensive Backup Solutions Guide which is available from our brochure downloads or fill in the form below.

Don’t forget you can contact us for a FREE no obligation assessment of your company’s disaster recovery & business continuity solution.