How Your Business Can Benefit From Hosted VoIP

Communication is very important in any type and size of business, so it is a good job that there is software out there to make it easier for them. The widespread use of internet has seen the rise in what is known as Voice over Internet Protocol or commonly known as hosted VoIP. This involves the use of the internet to make phone calls. With this software, businesses need not worry about the high costs of installing telephone equipment. The reason for this is that the provider of the VoIP services hosts all the servers, equipment and any other services needed to make the hosted VoIP work. The customer can then access the equipment easily via the internet.

By integrated Hosted VoIP software further costs can be reduced, as instead of installing 10 different lines, you can have a single VoIP connection separated into 10 lines. In addition, the cost of making phone calls using the internet via VoIP is cheaper compared to traditional telephone systems. Businesses with clients abroad or mobile employees often incur huge phone bills whenever they make international calls. Hosted VoIP allows international calls to be made at a reduced cost and in some cases free of charge using services like Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

The use of hosted VoIP provides a business flexibility it needs in its operations. This is especially true for businesses that have several branches and sales team that mostly operate outside of the office. By using hosted VoIP, the head office can easily communicate with them and even route calls coming into the main office to the staff in the field. With such service, you do not have to worry about losing business deals due to missed or unanswered calls. Moreover, employees in the main office can easily get in touch with those in the field.

Hosted VoIP provides businesses with more features that are not available with traditional phone systems. In addition to the standard features such as caller ID, call transfer and forwarding and voice mail, VoIP provides other advanced functions like call conferencing, virtual receptionist, call queue management and voicemail transcription. With such features, businesses can boost their image by appearing more professional.

Buying and maintaining several telephone units and switchboards is expensive and will cut into your budget. On the other hand, the equipment provided by a hosted VoIP system is few and often maintained by the hosting provider. In fact, you will only require an internet enabled computer and a headset to start using the service.

Using hosted VoIP systems is paramount if you plan to expand your business and at the same time reduce communication costs.

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