Is your network safe from intrusion?

Every day hackers are finding new ways to crack security and gain access to networks and data. You may think that no one would be interested in your company’s data, however you would be wrong. There are a number of reasons why hackers target SME’s:

• Easier targets
    SME’s generally spend less on security.
• Hackers want your computing power
    They can make your computers help them hack other sites.
• Hackers want your bandwidth
    They can route their illicit activities through your connection to avoid detection.
• Your identity is valuable
    ID fraudsters get away with £1.9 billion of UK money each year.
• Ransomware
    Fraudsters hold your files ransom and demand money before you can access them.


I have a firewall on my computer, am I protected?

When it comes to business, using only a software firewall can put you at risk. Software firewalls only provide a level of protection that can protect laptop users if they are using hotspots or mobile connections while on the road. However some viruses can manipulate Software firewalls and thus are not as secure as a hardware firewall.

Is a basic ADSL hardware firewall better?

Most combined Firewall/Routers are able to do simple data filtering, they do not allow data to pass through the firewall unless they match the firewalls rule set. Generally these firewalls have limited ability to examine the data to check for viruses or analyse web traffic. However they can filter traffic based on different data attributes, these attributes include source or destination IP address or port; or a destination service like WWW (web traffic), SMTP (email) or FTP (file transfers).

What do LSA System recommend to keep me protected?

LSA Systems recommend a dedicated firewall with Unified Threat Management. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the term used for firewalls that cover a number of areas that are prone to threats. UTM solutions emerged out of the need to stem the increasing number of attacks on companies by hacking, cracking, viruses and worms. UTM devices contain technology to inspect every packet of data so to detect and stop threats as they come through the door. LSA Systems recommend Watchguard Technologies firewalls, we have been using them for a number of years and found they are good at updating and fixing issues when they arise.

Below are some of the features of Watchguard’s UTM firewall:
• Application Control
    Control use of web applications
• Intrusion Protection Service
    Fight off hackers
• WebBlocker
    Block sites according to categories
• Gateway AntiVirus
    Scan as data come into your network
• SpamBlocker
    Stop viral and unwanted emails
• Reputation Enabled Defence
    Block malicious web pages

The firewalls we recommend are physically separate from the router. The added advantage of this means if you have more than one internet connection and they are both plugged into the firewall, the firewall will in event of a line failure automatically switch all traffic to the working line. Different technologies can be used so your main line could be EFM with an automatic backup second line of ADSL. As all the security is controlled by the firewall it does not matter which line is used as the security will remain the same.

Will a UTM firewall protect me for email viruses and spam?

The Watchguard UTM device can protect against most email theats, however for total security a Watchguard XCS appliance can be used in addition to a firewall. It is a dedicated state of the art Email Security solution that defends against inbound threats including viruses, spam, blended threats, phishing, spyware and network attacks. It blocks 98% of unwanted traffic at the perimeter and boosts your email security and performance. It can also Securely transmit and receive private and sensitive information with a SecureMail Email Encryption subscription.

How can I get more information?

you can download our detailed guide from our Brochure Downloads area.

If you would like us to do a full survey on your company’s IT security please fill in the form below or call us on 0845 230 2940.