Speed up your internet with EFM Broadband

EFM is a fast synchronous broadband connection. It uses multiple phone lines to give greater speed and resilience and offers leased line performance for a fraction of the cost.

What is EFM?

EFM stands for Ethernet in First Mile. The growing use of ADSL services has funded the installation of high-capacity backbone connections and expensive networking equipment in thousands of local telephone exchanges up and down the country. EFM uses this hardware to provide a faster service over existing infrastructure.

Is it quicker than ADSL?

EFM works in a different way from ADSL. Its advantages are that it is synchronous meaning file transfers and remote connections are quicker and that it has a 1:1 contention ration which means you don’t share your connection with anyone else.
ADSL is asynchronous; this means the upload speed is slower than the download speed. With ADSL you also share your connection with other users, this is called the contention ratio.

How quick is EFM?

EFM operates over multiple bonded lines, this can be either 2, 4, 6 or 8 lines. The more lines the greater the speed and the resilience.

Is it better than Fibre?

Fibre or Infinity as BT refers to it works in the same way as ADSL, so upload speeds are different from download speeds and a contention ratio is imposed.

Can I plug phones and a Fax into these multiple lines?

The phone lines used for EFM are for data only, no other telephony can be plugged into the lines.

Should I opt for EFM over Fibre then?

This decision is made by assessing a number of factors such as what is available at your location, the needs of the business and budget. LSA will be able to do a full survey and advise you on the best option for your needs.

Why should I use LSA Systems?

LSA Systems work with a number of providers to provide the best connection available at your location. LSA Systems also provide a managed service and will liaise with the ISP when issues arise. If you are using a Watchguard firewall we can actively monitor the line 24/7.

What if I cannot get EFM or Fibre?

LSA Systems also offer ADSL(Annex M), this is a normal ADSL line that has the latest technology enabled to improve upload speeds. The speeds are not as good as EFM, but do offer an improvement over standard ADSL.

Key points of EFM

• Synchronous connections – Same upload and download speeds.
• Uncontended connection – No sharing of bandwidth.
• Speeds of up to 10mb – Dependent on number of bonded lines.
• Dependable, 24×7 Internet connectivity with Service Level Agreement (SLA)

How can I get more information?

You can get an overview of all the available connection types by reading our High Speed Communications page, you can also download our detailed guide from our Brochure Downloads area.

If you would like us to do a full survey on what connections are on offer at your premises’ please fill in the form below or call us on 0845 230 2940.