Top 5 benefits of upgrading your software

What are the major advantages of keeping software solutions up to date?

New software releases become available all the time – particularly now that vendors are able to deliver them online via the cloud. Yet some users fail to keep their software up to date. They ignore these upgrades in an attempt to freeze their IT solutions in time, as they were at the point of purchase years ago. For a number of reasons, this can be a foolhardy strategy, which impacts on performance, security and productivity.

Where businesses and consumers have the option of upgrading their software, there are likely to be multiple benefits to doing so. Here is our top five list of advantages to keeping solutions up to date on your PC, laptop or device:

Improve security

Upgrading software allows your computer to benefits from additional protections. Ensuring your system has the latest defensive solutions help limit the threat posed by malware and hackers. Malicious parties are continually innovating, devising new ways of attacking users’ systems, and in response, the IT security industry has to find ways of reducing or eliminating this threat. However, end users can only benefit from the latest security tools and if they keep their software up to date.

Enjoy new features

If businesses fail to keep their software up to date, it will not be long before they are missing out on new features and services which can add productivity and offer value to their organisation. By using the latest solutions, firms have the opportunity to streamline and refine operational processes, and ensure their people work as effectively as possible.

Keep the computer working

By keeping software up to date, users can ensure their system works as it was designed to. Computers can pick up bugs over time, which reduce performance and sometimes cause the system to crash. This is not only highly annoying for the user but can prove to be a major drain on productivity levels. Upgrading software when new releases are available helps reduce the likelihood of bugs wrecking the user experience.

Receive vendor support

If a business retains the same software versions year-in, year-out, not only will they miss out on new product features over time, but they will fail to capitalise on vendor support. As new software versions are released and the majority of users upgrade, attention turns away from the older solutions. Eventually the vendor may withdraw support for older software solutions and operating systems altogether – as Microsoft will with XP and Office 2003 next year.

Pay nothing for upgrades

Very often, software upgrades are made available for free by the vendor in order to improve the customer experience for the user. In the cloud age, it is straightforward to modify solutions online, perhaps to respond to a new vulnerability that has been discovered, or improve a software feature. It does not cost the user to download the upgrade, so there is nothing to lose from optimising their IT solutions with the latest releases.


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