Why email is a good place to start when moving to a hosted solution?

Why has the trend switched to cloud computing?

Every 10 years or so, changes and developments within the IT industry are so significant that end users switch their systems across-the-board. From the 1970s Mainframes, through the advent of PC’s in the 1980’s, the Internet and email era in the 1990’s and mobile communications and smartphones in the 2000’s. The latest trend is to Cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Why should I start my cloud experience with email?

Email is inherently web based, even if you have a server onsite you still need an active internet connection to receive and send email. Hosted email has the advantage in that your mail will still be delivered to the server even if your internet connection is down. In this case you could read you email by using another connection or a mobile phone.

What other advantages are there?

Lower capital expenditure
There is no need to purchase a high end mail server with the latest software. LSA Systems are responsible for the mail server in their hosted system, including its software and the management.

Seamless upgrades
LSA Systems manage all upgrades and maintenance. Updates are installed once they have been tested with minimal impact on the end user.

Business Continuity
LSA manages the disaster recovery of the server with multiple sites and internet connections. As the server can be accessed from anywhere, if you’re office has a disaster, theft, technology outage or snow preventing people from making it in, they can still access their email and be productive.

Greater flexibility and mobility
LSA Systems give you the flexibility to add and remove mailboxes as you require them. This is particularly ideal if you want to overlap accounts as employees join and leave.

Improved IT security
You might think that not having you server next to you on site would lead to weaker IT security. In fact Cloud hosting improves your companie’s defences. LSA Systems have invested in top of the range routers and firewalls to ensure our customer’s data is safe.

What is SaaS?

The One of the first forms of SaaS was Hotmail, the mail service was provided so that there was no need to install any mail software on the computer. This meant you could get to it from any connected computer as long as it had a browser.
There are many more services provided now, such as Calendar , Storage, Accounting systems and even the whole desktop. The mail systems have evolved to be business grade email systems. LSA Systems provide Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktop and will soon be providing Hosted Accounting systems.

Where can I get more information?

More information on the Hosted Solutions that LSA Systems can offer are in our comprehensive Solution Guides which are available from our brochure downloads, or alternatively fill in the form below and we will send you our latest information.

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