Backup & Disaster Recovery

What exactly is disaster recovery? and How does it relate to Business Continuity?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a disaster is “A sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life”.

In business terms however, a disaster can be something that is far less dramatic and could be as simple as the latest strain of malware holding the business to ransom, a loss of data, a theft of equipment or a small localised fire that destroys your server equipment.

Disaster Recovery is a combination of processes and/or equipment that when employed, brings the business back to the point it was at before the disaster occurred. So, in simple terms a good, reliable backup gives the ability for disaster recovery.

But Disaster Recovery is not Business Continuity.

Although often used in the same context, the two terms actually represent two completely different approaches when it comes to the protection of business data.

Disaster Recovery satisfies the question: Is my data safe? And, can I get it back in the event of equipment failure or human error?

Business Continuity conversely, requires consideration to be given to the business as a whole, and asks: how quickly can the business be operational again in the event of equipment failure or human error?

In the case of a failed, stolen or destroyed server for example, where a pure data backup is in place, the process for replacing the failed server will be complex and time consuming. In order for the business to resume, time will be required to:

  1. Purchase a new server – 2 Days (from order to delivery).
  2. Building of the server operating systems and loading of the server based applications
    (Accounting software, CRM, email etc.) – 1 to 2 Days.
  3. Restoring the data from backup – ½ to 1 day.

From a Disaster Recovery perspective therefore, the plan should prepare for an unplanned replacement of the main server to optimistically lead to 1 full week of business downtime.

A Business Continuity approach would be: In the event of a Server failure, the estimated time to recover will be 1 full week, can the business tolerate this downtime? If the answer to this question is No, an alternative Recovery Plan needs to be developed.

Our Solution
The loss of data or a major disruption to IT systems for any business will be nothing short of catastrophic for the business operations, costing time, money and valuable resources.

At LSA Systems, we’ve been providing backup and disaster recovery services and continuity planning to companies in London, Essex and the surrounding areas for many years. We understand the stress that an IT interruption or system crash can cause for business owners and users alike. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Datto to provide a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures your business is fully prepared for any disaster, and that will deliver all the support you need following a disruptive event.

Plan ahead
We take a 360-degree approach to disaster recovery for your business’s entire IT infrastructure, helping you prepare for disruptions and disasters as thoroughly as possible. Not only do we offer a free, no-obligation assessment of your business’s current disaster recovery plan, but we also provide a business continuity planning service to prepare you for both small and large IT disruptions, with a continuity plan developed specifically to the needs of your business. Visit our Business Continuity Planning page to find out more.

A solution to see you through any storm
To protect your business from a disruption, disaster or system crash, we provide a disaster recovery solution you can count on to get your business up and running again with minimal downtime—in many cases, within just 30 minutes. The Datto device that we use is built around technology which has leading-edge features that are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, and comes inbuilt with an offsite synchronisation that takes a snapshot of your data every 15 minutes. For more information visit our Datto Solutions page.

The best backup solution for you
We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, and networks can have many different configurations, so we provide a range of disaster recovery and backup options, which include highly secure cloud backup and offsite backup services, giving you the ability to choose the best solution for your business. Have a look at our Backup Solutions Comparison page to get a better understanding of the features of each of our backup solutions.

Protect your data and your pocket
As with most of our products and services, our reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions are available for an affordable monthly fee, and there’s always a qualified LSA Systems engineer at the other end of the phone to offer expert remote support.

For more information visit our Datto Solutions page or to book your free, no-obligation assessment, contact us today.