Backup Solutions Comparison

We provide three tiers of backup and disaster recovery solutions to suit your business: bronze, silver and gold. This gives you the flexibility of choosing the right backup package to suit your needs and budget, and allows us to design a custom solution for your business.

Bronze – Tape/USB disk backup

An inexpensive, basic solution designed specifically to protect your data.

Key features:

  • Effectively backs up your data files once a day.
  • Files can be restored within one day and relatively easily once you have the physical tapes and disks with the stored data.
Silver – System Recovery

Our silver package is a much more comprehensive disaster recovery solution, as it backs up your entire system rather than just your data files.

Key features:

  • Your entire system is backed up once a day by taking an image of the server rather than backing up files individually, allowing for much quicker restoration times.
  • Network attached storage (NAS) means your system can be copied for offsite backup.
  • Optional daily offsite backup at our secure data centres with optional backup integrity checking every quarter.
  • Files and folders can be restored in one to two hours. As it is an ‘image’ backup solution, the system can be restored to another server.
  • System data is archived for up to three months.
Gold – Automated Datto Solution

Our fully automated Datto solution delivers complete peace of mind, no matter the scale or circumstance of the disruption to your IT infrastructure.

Key features:

  • A self-contained, dedicated server backs up your entire system and can act as a temporary server if your live server fails.
  • Backups can occur as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Fully automatic daily offsite backup to our highly secure offsite data centres.
  • Daily offsite image boot to check backup integrity.
  • Your server, files and folders can all be fully restored within 30 minutes and your entire system can be recovered in less than two hours.
  • If your server and backup server are destroyed, your server can be virtualised at the data centre providing accessed from anywhere that an internet connection exists.
  • All data can be archived based on size or 1, 3 & 7 years fixed terms.

For more information on these solutions give us a call on 01277 633408 or to book a free, no-obligation assessment of your business’s existing backup and disaster recovery plan, contact us today.