Hosted Desktop

Accessing your applications securely from any device

We provide a highly secure Hosted Desktop service that allows you to securely access your data and applications from any device with an internet connection from any location around the world.

The desktop on your computer is what has your personal background image and shortcuts to all your applications and documents. As this physical desktop is tied to your computer, it takes skill and expertise to access it from any other device.

A Hosted Desktop is different. It isn’t linked to just one specific device. To put it simply, as a virtual desktop, it doesn’t ‘live’ in your computer but instead ‘lives’ in the cloud on a remote server – it can therefore be accessed from any device anywhere. All with the same capabilities and functionality of a physical desktop. 

Key benefits

Hosted Desktop

Cost effectiveness

There is no need for upfront capital expenditure as you don’t have to purchase new PCs, servers or software – or pay for future upgrades.

We provide a twelve-month rolling contract plan that allows for long-term budgeting, with the flexibility to increase or decrease numbers on a monthly basis.

Optimum security

As Hosted Desktops are stored remotely in the cloud, only the screen images of the virtual desktop are sent to your devices. This means that the actual data doesn’t leave our highly secure remote server. In addition, the screen image data is protected by the strongest possible SSL encryption.

Ultimate Convenience

There’s no need to worry about backing up or securing your data or upgrading your computers and servers – we’ll take care of everything.

Our Hosted Desktop service is the ideal cloud solution, with your data being backed up to the Cloud.

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