IT Security

There’s a widely held misconception that hackers are only interested in targeting the websites, emails and IT systems of large, well-known corporations, when in fact, small- and medium-sized businesses have the highest risk of falling victim to hacking, spyware, viruses, phishing and network attacks. Usually, this is because smaller enterprises don’t have the same level of IT security as large-scale businesses, so hackers know that their networks and IT infrastructures are much more vulnerable.

At LSA Systems, we know the impact that IT security breaches can have on your business’s finances, operations, branding, and customer experience, so we deliver IT security solutions that give small- and medium-sized businesses the same enterprise-level protection as the blue chip companies.

When considering IT Security for any business, it is important to first of all acknowledge that ‘Off the Shelf’ Anti-Virus products on their own, are simply not enough. Traditional Anti-Virus software is often very effective when combatting known viruses, but will be less so when it comes to newly created threats.

At LSA, we partner with Kaspersky to ensure that our clients always have the latest virus definitions installed to their PCs, but even this could leave the machine susceptible to zero day exploits (brand new viruses and threats that have not yet been identified), Malware and external attacks (Hacking), for this, additional layers of protection are required.

We offer Malwarebytes to provide the 2nd layer of protection to safeguard against the latest iterations of Trojans, worms and malware exploit applications. In our experience, no matter how up to date Anti-Virus updates are, Malwarebytes will always find additional incidents of these malicious programs and should always form part of any company’s security protection.

These solutions however still leave the network vulnerable to external attacks, for this level of protection a firewall is required. Without firewall protection, hackers can steal your bandwidth and computing power, access your sensitive information, and even steal your corporate identity.

We partner with WatchGuard to provide this final layer of protection. WatchGuard security appliances include standard Firewall technologies, enhanced with a suite of security modules to provide a fully Unified Threat Management solution that exceeds the capabilities of today’s Next-Generation Firewalls.

Using these industry-leading technologies, we safeguard every aspect of your IT infrastructure to better protect your business’s network and data to the highest of industry standards.

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