Firewalls, UTM & Network Security

A firewall serves as a protective barrier between your business’s IT system and all the network security issues the Internet can send your way, including spyware, ransomware, bots, spam, and viruses—the list goes on. Without firewall protection, hackers can steal your bandwidth and computing power, access your sensitive information, and even steal your corporate identity.

To keep your business’s data and IT system fully secure, we provide a range of firewall options to suit your business’s processes and IT infrastructure.

Software and hardware firewall options
Windows comes with its own built-in software firewall, which is ideal if you or your employees travel frequently or work remotely from changing locations. However, software firewalls are more susceptible to viruses and don’t offer the same level of security as hardware firewalls.

Hardware firewalls are also available as combined ADSL router/firewalls. This type of hardware firewall uses a packet filter which prevents packets (units containing user data) from passing through the filter unless they match the firewall’s rule set. Although the latest ADSL router/firewalls can filter data traffic based on many different packet attributes, such as IP addresses or destination services like email and file transfers, they generally have a limited ability to examine packets for viruses or analyse web traffic.

Our recommended firewall solution: Unified Threat Management
The latest premium firewalls are referred to as Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, as they are able to combine network security functions that previously would have been performed by multiple systems. UTM technology was developed as a direct response to the increased rates of attacks on businesses’ IT systems using viruses, hacking, cracking and worms, and they provide an all-in-one solution to businesses’ network security needs.

To deliver the best UTM technology available, we use WatchGuard’s state-of-the-art, fully integrated XTM series firewalls, which are physically separate from your router, and provide the following key features:

• Ability to control the use of web applications.
• Intrusion prevention to fight off hackers.
• Web blocker to block suspicious websites according to set criteria.
• Gateway antivirus which scans data as it attempts to enter your network.
• Spam blocker to stop viral and unwanted emails.
• Reputation-enabled defence to block malicious web pages.
• Spyware prevention.

In addition, WatchGuard’s firewall appliances deliver integrated management, monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities, all managed from one intuitive console.

Email security
To deliver maximum protection to your business’s mailboxes, we use the WatchGuard XCS appliance in addition to the firewall. By securely transmitting and receiving your private information with the SecureMail Email Encryption, this dedicated, cutting-edge email security solution blocks virtually all unwanted traffic at the perimeter and significantly boosts email protection and performance.

Wireless WatchGuard
We can extend your network security to mobile devices using WatchGuard’s wireless access points which seamlessly integrate with the WatchGuard range of firewalls and prevent your mobile devices from putting your network security at risk. This also allows security policies to be applied to wired and wireless local area network (WLAN) resources simultaneously, enforcing security standards across the network.

Tailored network security solutions
As with all our products and services, we ensure that our IT security solutions are customised for your business, so we will carry out a free, no-obligation survey of your current IT security before recommending the most flexible, scalable and competitive solution for you. Alternatively, for more complex sites we can, for a fee, offer a complete network security audit.

Contact us today for more information or to learn about our range of IT services, from cloud solutions to offsite backup, on-site IT support in Essex, and much more.