Essential cyber protection for businesses across London and the home counties

LSA Systems is Cyber Essentials certified and has gained the Gold Certificate from IASME (Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises). We are qualified to help our customers across London and the home counties gain their Cyber Essentials certification and meet the requirements of government departments when submitting tenders.

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A scheme designed to help you with business technical security

Cyber-crime is one of the fastest-growing and most pressing security issues facing organisations in the 21st century. The speed and anonymity offered by the internet means that hackers, fraudsters and other types of cybercriminals can breach unprotected systems with relative ease. If these companies were to incur a cyber breach and their customers’ information was stolen, they could experience significant loss of revenue and reputation. It is no surprise, therefore, that cybersecurity is high on the agenda for all types of organisations. The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to help businesses implement the necessary technical security controls to safeguard their systems.

Cyber essentials to safeguard systems against internet threats

LSA Systems have a heightened awareness of the cybersecurity risks facing small and medium-sized enterprises. To protect our customers and maintain the highest possible standard of cyber protection, LSA Systems is certified by the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme. We have the technical security controls in place to safeguard our systems against internet threats and to keep our customers’ data completely secure. The goal of the scheme is to improve cybersecurity practice by implementing five key technical security controls that address 80% of common cybersecurity threats.

IASME certification to reduce the exposure to cyber-attacks

We’ve gone beyond the Cyber Essentials accreditation to earn the Gold Certificate from the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises. IASME is one of only four government-appointed accreditation bodies under the Cyber Essentials scheme. With IASME recently recognised by the UK Government as the best cybersecurity standard for small companies, LSA Systems is confident that our approved cybersecurity approach will drastically reduce our exposure to cyber-attacks, and that we can help organisations also adopt best practices in cybersecurity to protect against threats.

CE accreditation to help you utilise web-based technologies

Being Cyber Essentials certified means we have the most robust cybersecurity approach possible. We are fully safeguarded against cyber threats when providing all our services. Our Gold Standard certification shows that LSA Systems is committed to maintaining the highest global standard of cybersecurity. It allows us to help other companies earn their Cyber Essentials certification through our new consultancy service: LSA Systems’ Cyber Essentials Baseline Audit. This service will prove invaluable, as today’s businesses continue to utilise web-based technologies for almost every aspect of their operations.

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